David Littlerpoud MP David Littlerpoud

Speeches 2017


Constituency Statements Heywire Competition Australia Day Awards 08.02.2017

Private Members’ Business Centrelink 13.02.2017

Statements by Members Chinchilla Melon Festival 13.02.2017

Adjournment Housing Affordability 15.02.2017

Question Time  Agriculture Industry Electricity Prices 16.02.2017

Adjournment Murray-Darling Basin 16.02.2017


Question Time Cotton Industry 01.03.2017

Bills Health Insurance Amendment (National Rural Health Commissioner) Bill 2017 20.03.2017

Statements by Members Small business 20.03.2017

Statements by Members Australian Vinegar 20.03.2017

Private Members’ Business Workplace Relations 20.03.2017

Matters of Public Importance Schools 22.03.2017

Question Time Remote Airstrip Upgrade Program 22.03.2017

Statements by Members Longreach State High School 27.02.2017

Private Members’ Business Small Business 27.03.2017

Statements by Members Small business 28.03.2017

Question Time Trade Employment 29.03.2017


Adjournment Building Better Roads Fund 08.08.2017

Question Time Agriculture Budget 10.05.2017

Adjournment Budget 10.05.2017

Statements by Members Polocrosse World Cup 2019 10.05.2017

Matters of Public Importance Budget 11.05.2017

Private Members’ Business Energy 22.05.2017

Question Time Infrastructure 23.05.2017

Statements by Members Illicit Drugs 25.05.2017

Statements by Members Brookes, Mr Lane 29.05.2017

Grievance Debate Telecommunications 30.05.2017

Question Time Schools 30.05.2017


Statements by Members Scott, Mr Bruce, Toohey, Mr John 13.06.2017

Matters of Public Importance Energy 14.06.2017

Question Time Agriculture Economy 15.06.2017

Statements by Members Birdsville 20.06.2017

Bills_Treasurey Laws Amendment (2017 Enterprise Incentives No. 1) Bills 2017 21.06.2017


Question Time Agriculture Investment 08.08.2017

Question Time Agriculture Investment 08.08.2017

Matters of Public Importance Marriage 10.08.2017

Statements by Members Coltzau, Dr Adam 10.08.2017


Constituency Statements Jumpers and Jazz in July 20.12.2017

31 December 2017