David Littlerpoud MP David Littlerpoud

What David Stands For

What David stands for in Maranoa: Focused on Maranoa’s future

  • Supporting families.
  • Better and more equitable telecommunications (NBN and mobile phone coverage).
  • Supporting small business to grow and get ahead, and cut red tape.
  • Better health outcomes for rural and remote communities.
  • Strengthening our rural communities by increasing livability by investment, celebrating heritage, cultural protection and working towards an innovative future.
  • Investing in our transport network (Inland Rail, Second Range Crossing, strengthening and making our highways safer, targeting blackspots).
  • Growing our agricultural sector (job creation, trade agreements, investment in innovation and water infrastructure, and support during extreme weather events).
  • Ageing in place to enable our seniors to remain in the rural communities they love rather than moving to a larger town or city to receive the care they need.
  • Disability and carer support.
  • Supporting and inspiring the future of our young people in the bush by creating opportunities in the rural communities where they live.
  • Ensuring our country remains safe and secure through targeted border protection measures.
  • Government debt control to ensure we do not impose an unfair burden on our future generations.
  • The encouragement and facilitation of wealth that flows through to our communities so we all enjoy the highest possible standards of living, health and education, as well as maintaining a society that provides opportunities for all and supports those in need.
  • A sustainable environment by balancing the need to be productive and preserving our natural assets.


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