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No one is better off after two years of Labor

Leader of The Nationals, David Littleproud, said Labor’s two-year anniversary in Government today was far from a celebration for regional Australians.

Mr. Littleproud stated that life had become much harder since Labor won the election two years ago.

“Two years ago when elected, the Prime Minister said that no one would be held back, no one would be left behind,” Mr. Littleproud said.

“It would be hard to find any Australian feeling better off under the Albanese Government. Since Labor won Government, housing costs are up 12 percent, rents are up 12 percent, insurance is up 26 percent, electricity is up 18 percent, and gas is up 25 percent. The cost-of-living crisis is a Labor-made crisis, and Australians are doing it really tough right now.

“Labor wasted over half of this time on their divisive, failed $450 million Voice Referendum instead of taking action to help ease cost-of-living pressures.

“Under Labor, $27 billion worth of road, rail, and water infrastructure has been cancelled, cut, or delayed. Labor’s 2024 Budget cut almost $600 million promised to restore Paradise Dam, the Big Rocks Weir project, and the Hughenden Irrigation Scheme, plus abolished the Mobile Black Spot Program.

“Labor has been deceptive and secretive about the impacts of their family car and ute tax. Popular models such as the Toyota Landcruiser could rise in price by as much as $25,000.

“Labor has also introduced a 19 percent increase in tax over three years on the nation’s truckies and bus operators to pay for road maintenance that will drive up everyday costs for families.

“While it’s more expensive to drive under Labor, it’s also more expensive to eat.

“Labor has been too slow to take any action on rampant supermarket price gouging, something The Nationals have fought to expose since late 2022.

“Labor also tried to introduce a reckless fresh food tax, or biosecurity protection levy, which would have added more pressure on farmers, forcing them to pass costs onto families at the supermarket checkout. Fortunately, campaigning by The Nationals, farmers, and industry will quash this terrible tax in the Senate.

“Another cost-of-living pressure under Labor has been enormous energy prices families are now facing. Forget Labor’s promised $275 in cheaper electricity. Labor’s race to 82 percent renewables by 2030 is not only destroying the very thing it’s meant to protect – the environment – but making it more expensive to keep the lights on.

“Labor has allowed migration rates to spiral out of control, impacting housing availability and affordability. In fact, Labor now plans to bring in almost 1.7 million new migrants.

“Unfortunately, Labor’s policies are not working and Labor’s ideology doesn’t match the practical reality of what’s coming out of your wallet.

“A future Coalition Government will have common sense solutions, including exploring all our energy options, with nuclear in the mix, restoring services to the regions with better childcare and health access, lowering migration rates to help ease the housing crisis, as well as backing our farmers and reinstating the live sheep export industry.”


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