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Prime Minister must use Cabinet visit to WA to meet live sheep farmers

Leader of The Nationals David Littleproud is calling on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to
meet with live sheep export farmers during his Cabinet visit and meeting in Western
Mr Littleproud said the Prime Minister owed it to live sheep farmers to give them the
decency of listening to their concerns.
It comes as Labor continues to keep live sheep farmers in the dark by refusing to release
details of its Independent Panel Report into the consequences of phasing out the live sheep
export trade.
“The Prime Minister and his Cabinet are treating Australian farmers with contempt by hiding
the report in Cabinet, despite previously committing to providing more certainty by the end
of 2023,” Mr Littleproud said.
“The absolute least they can do is give farmers the respect of a meeting. Labor is destroying
the livelihoods of more than 3000 people who work in the trade and an industry worth $85
million, but doesn’t seem to care about being transparent.
“It has now been 117 days since the report was delivered to Agriculture Minister Murray
Watt and farmers are desperate to understand the impact of phasing out the industry and
what will happen to them.”
The Prime Minister has previously snubbed farm groups who requested a meeting in
Western Australia, with a senior adviser responding to an invitation that he didn’t have
Mr Littleproud said given the live sheep export trade is one of the most important issues in
the state, it should be a top priority.
“The Prime Minister and his Cabinet are turning their backs on farmers while failing to give
them answers.
“If Labor is so confident in the decision to phase out the industry, why won’t they release
details of the report? It is becoming more and more obvious that Labor doesn’t want to
release its so-called scientific and economic evidence because it simply doesn’t exist.”
Mr Littleproud added while WA Premier Roger Cook has previously backed the trade, he
must use the Prime Minister’s visit to fight for farmers.
“It is imperative Premier Cook uses this visit to show east coast politicians the importance of
the live sheep export market and ensure Labor reverses its senseless decision to end live
sheep exports.”


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