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The Coalition backs common sense vaping solution

The Coalition has adopted a common sense solution for a regulated vaping model.

Leader of The Nationals David Littleproud said The Nationals’ sensible solution, introduced more than 12 months ago, is proudly being backed by the Coalition today, ensuring better regulation to protect Australian children.

“Labor’s half-baked model will continue to expose children to organised crime and will continue to see harmful vapes across our communities,” Mr Littleproud said.

“In contrast, the Coalition’s model will stop criminals from exploiting our children and also protect our children from vapes.

“The Coalition’s strictly regulated model under the TGA will ensure there is controlled licencing to over 18s, similar to cigarettes.

“The Coalition is also announcing a bigger investment of $250 million, or 10 times more than Labor, for the policing and law enforcement of vapes.

“Importantly, excise will also be put back into health and education.”

Mr Littleproud added the Pharmacy Guild of Australia was rightfully angry that Labor had blindsided them and now expected pharmacists to control the sale of vapes.

“Labor has unfairly put another burden on our pharmacists who are already under pressure, without even consulting our pharmacists.

“We already have a shortage of pharmacists around this country.

“Pharmacists don’t have the capacity to deal with vaping, they don’t want to dispense them and they don’t want them in our community. Labor’s expectation of pharmacists is unrealistic.

“Prohibition hasn’t worked. Less than 10 per cent of Australians who vape have a prescription and Labor’s announcement will only help the black market continue to grow.

“A future Coalition Government will invest in protecting our children and keep the next generation off vapes.”


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