David Littlerpoud MP David Littlerpoud

Boosting employment opportunities for people with disabilities

June 25, 2021

Maranoa MP David Littleproud today announced the Endeavour Foundation will make use of a $16,186 Federal Government grant to purchase mobile audio-visual equipment to help people with disabilities to gain employment opportunities.

“The Endeavour Foundation plays a vital role in our communities in supporting people with intellectual disabilities to have equal access to education and life-skill learning,” Mr Littleproud said.

“I’m proud to secure this funding which will allow the Endeavour Foundation in Warwick and Kingaroy to purchase mobile equipment, including a 75 inch screen and trolley, laptop and oculus to provide access to more than 70 existing visual learning programs focused on a ‘Ready for Work’ mind-set.

“This is an important project which will increase social and community participation for people with a disability and build their capacity to become involved in their community, develop independent living skills and interact with people from different backgrounds.”

“I’m a firm believer in bringing people together and improving community services across Maranoa because it has a positive flow-on effect on our quality of life and how we support each other – this project by Endeavour reflects this.”

“Regional communities are the heart of this country and I want to make sure that small capital projects are funded and the community gets exactly what it needs.”

Round 6 of the Stronger Communities Programme has seen $150,000 in Federal Government funding made available to Maranoa community groups. 14 projects in Maranoa were funded in this round.

Project grants range from $2500 to $20,000 to help bolster rural communities.