David Littlerpoud MP David Littlerpoud

Community Wellbeing Centre takes shape in St George

May 20, 2021

Maranoa MP David Littleproud was in St George today to open Stage One of the Community Wellbeing Centre which secured $500,000 in Federal Government funding under the Murray Murray–Darling Basin Economic Development Program.

“It’s great to see the centre taking shape were the community received $500,000 for the Goondir Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation for Health Services to refurbish the RSL into the St George Community Well Being Centre,” Mr Littleproud said.

The St George Community Well Being Centre was one of 12 projects funded from the Murray Darling Basin funds for communities hit by water buybacks. St George and Dirranbandi received more than $9 million for locally-chosen community projects.

In the agreement to save a further 70GL from being recovered, then Water Minister Littleproud brokered a deal to create a fund for economic reconstruction of affected Basin communities.

“Both St George and Dirranbandi have done more than their fair share of heavy lifting for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan,” Mr Littleproud said.

“It’s been tough here since the 2012 buybacks. This package has opened new opportunities and I’m grateful to be in St George today to see firsthand how these projects – like the St George Community Well Being Centre – will make a positive difference for this community.

“The projects were put forward by locals who know best what’s needed for their towns.

“We’ve listened to communities and this is something we’re doing to help them recover.

“Each and every project will make a positive and lasting difference in their region.”

Fast facts: More than $9 million funding for projects in St George and Dirranbandi under the Murray–Darling Basin Economic Development Program

  • $500,000 for Goondir Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Corporation for Health Services’ refurbishment of the RSL for the St George Community Well Being Centre
  • $500,000 for South West Indigenous Corporation’s recording studio at the Harmony Centre in St George to preserve and share local Indigenous language and culture.
  • $40,000 for Weribone Jack Family Descendants Aboriginal Corporation’s to upgrade their campsite and cultural learning ground for cultural tourism and events.
  • $12,915 for Dirranbandi Landcare Group’s “Dirranbandi Seasons” project to install interpretive signs about drought and rainfall impacts on the landscape.
  • $95,000 for Care Balonne Association to conduct a series of digital marketing workshops to improve digital literacy for local businesses
  • Balonne Shire Council will conduct seven projects across St George and Dirranbandi:
  • Up to $5 million to build wild dog exclusion fencing
  • Up to $1 million to expand digital connectivity
  • Up to $82,500 for the Dirranbandi Rural Transaction Centre Hub and install video conferencing at the local library
  • Up to $70,000 to improve the Dirranbandi Showgrounds caravan park
  • Up to $875,000 to develop Dirranbandi thermal hot springs with construction of thermal baths
  • Up to $499,100 to conduct business coaching
  • Up to $492,000 to revitalise Dirranbandi’s main street