David Littlerpoud MP David Littlerpoud

Improving Inglewood’s kindergarten with a $36,410 investment

February 26, 2020

Children will hit the ground playing on new floorboards at the Inglewood Kindergarten and Childcare Centre, with $36,410 secured through Round 15 of the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal’s Tackling Tough Times Together (TTTT) initiative, Maranoa MP David Littleproud said.

“The kindergarten and childcare centre will have a fresh look thanks to this investment and there’s no doubt that there will be many families happy to see this upgrade,” Mr Littleproud said.

“It’s a no-brainer that Regional Australia has been in very tough times with drought and projects like replacing floorboards brighten up the lives of its local users and staff.

“These projects help rural communities who have been facing stress through the drought while contributing to the local economy and infrastructure renewal.

“They support events, services and places where the community gathers which is important to emotional wellbeing and mental health in drought-hit areas.”

“This is a shot in the arm for the people of Inglewood who really have been tackling the tough times.”

In total, Maranoa communities secured $294,686 through Round 15 of the TTTT grant program.

The Federal Government is providing a total of $15 million, through the Tackling Tough Times Together initiative – also supported by philanthropy and business – to New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

The majority of projects funded in this round seek to reduce volunteer fatigue and boost the operations of local not-for-profit organisations in drought communities.

The Federal Government is backing drought-affected communities by providing more than $8 billion in drought assistance and concessional loans to support those experiencing hardship.

More information on the Tackling Tough Times Together program and the latest round of recipients can be found at https://www.frrr.org.au/grants/TTTTor by visiting https://www.regional.gov.au/regional/programs/.