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Littleproud thanks Maranoa

May 20, 2019

Monday 20 May, 2019

Littleproud thanks Maranoa

It’s deeply humbling to be returned with such a swing in Maranoa, and to have the Liberal Nationals returned to Government.

It’s also extremely humbling to have been praised by the National Farmers’ Federation, with whom I have such a great and constructive relationship. Fiona Simson and Tony Mahar are great leaders for their organisation and for farmers.

Through this relationship and working towards a shared goal we’ve been able to achieve a lot for farmers, and there’s a lot more to do yet, including delivering policy announced during the campaign.

As it stands, Maranoa has delivered a swing toward me of around 6 per cent for a two party preferred result of 72 per cent.

I’m particularly pleased to have won the booth of Barcaldine – the birthplace of the Labor party.

To all those who voted for me and for all those who didn’t, I’ll continue to work as hard as I can to deliver for you.