David Littlerpoud MP David Littlerpoud

Maranoa MP Announces $434,020 for Pest Control on the Southern Downs

May 12, 2020

Controlling the scourge of wild dogs will be a key goal on the Southern Downs, with Maranoa MP David Littleproud securing a $434,020 Federal Government grant for council to bolster pest management practices.

“This funding, secured through the Communities Combatting Pest and Weed Impacts During Drought program, gives the Southern Downs Regional Council more tools to help drought-affected landholders control pests,” Mr Littleproud said.

“The aim of this program is to help support the Southern Downs region to establish the best practice standards for electrical exclusion fencing, to secure sheep and wool growing areas.

“For farmers and landholders who have been battling through severe drought, managing outbreaks of wild dogs can be a fulltime job in itself – and expensive.

“In the long-term, saving sheep from wild dogs boosts flock numbers, revenue, job opportunities and the strength of the local community.

“While there was very welcome rain in the Southern Downs region in late Summer, it takes more than a couple of good falls to get out of drought and that’s why we’re backing this program to help get our communities through to the other side.”

A plan to manage feral cat infestations will also be implemented.

The Federal Government has invested $10 million through Round Two of the Communities Combatting Pest and Weed Impacts program.

Across Maranoa, $1.2 million has been secured for the pest and weed control program.

For more details about the Program visit www.agriculture.gov.au/ag-farm-food/drought/assistance/pest-management

Programs on the Southern Downs include:

Establishing electric exclusion fencing practice standards
Manage wild dogs in sheep and wool-growing areas of the Southern Downs

Toolbox – Feral cats
Monitor, manage and reduce the impact of feral cats on the Southern Downs.

Fast Facts:

·         Nationally, the annual cost of established vertebrate pest animals is about $800m and over $4 billion for weeds in production losses and control activities.

·         A 2016 survey undertaken by ABARES found that agricultural businesses spend an average of $7,023 yearly on pest animal management activities and an average of $17,917 yearly on weed management activities.