David Littlerpoud MP David Littlerpoud

Maranoa MP Secures $1 Million for Works on Western Downs’ Roads

May 7, 2020

Roads are going to be big winners on the Western Downs, thanks in part to a $1 million investment through the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Programme Extension (DCPE), Maranoa MP David Littleproud announced today.

“This funding is part of the Federal Government’s $8 billion drought response, to upgrade local infrastructure and give people more reason to get involved around the community,” Mr Littleproud said.

“One of my goals as the Member for Maranoa is to have our roads and higwhays improved so that we are more efficiently connected for business and travel.

“It’s pleasing to see the Western Downs Regional Council prioritising bitumen sealing in Drillham, on Nandi Rd and 20km of gravel re-sheeting because these upgrades will benefit everyone from truckies to farmers, and when we’re out of this pandemic, travelers too.

“The goal of DCPE is to provide short-term support through the drought by boosting local employment, public facilities and bringing people together for some good times.

“While there was general summer rain in the region, it takes more than one or two wet events to get out of drought.

“One of the great things about DCP is that funds are driven down into local groups who make these informed decisions.

“They are justifying projects that are worthwhile for their community.

“Drought certainly impacts on how we manage our businesses and personal lives, but it does not have to change how we get involved and support local groups and the community.”

DCPE-funded projects in the Western Downs region include:

  • Drillham South Road Upgrade Project – 3.4km upgrade from gravel formation to a bitumen standard;
  • Nandi Road Reconstruction Project – a 3km reconstruction project to a bitumen standard;
  • Regional Gravel Re-sheeting Projects – over 20km of gravel re-sheeting to rural roads; and
  • Regional Footpath Projects – over 1km of new or replacement concrete to pedestrian footpaths including two small pedestrian bridges.

All Maranoa council regions are eligible to apply for funding through the Federal Government’s $300 million Drought Communities Programme Extension round.